Guide to choosing yoga clothes

Guide to choosing yoga clothes

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Yoga is one of the most beneficial sports. That is why choosing the right yoga clothes also plays an important role in helping the practicers achieve better results. This article has been compiled by our point of view and given to you how to choose the best yoga outfit while also bringing the comfort and the most suitable for doing Yoga.

Some criteria when choosing yoga clothes

Easy to adjust movements: doing yoga exercises requires good balance. That is why the use of moderate body-hugging outfits will help you easily adjust your movements properly.
Comfort, confidence for trainees: using the right clothes when exercising will definitely help you get comfortable — confident, easy to move. Clothing should be made of absorbent, well-ventilated materials so that you won’t get sweaty while exercising.
Easy to move: yoga with flexible movements and bending, etc… so if you should not choose clothes that are too tight, it will make you more susceptible to muscle pain, sweat resistance, and difficulty body engine.

1. How many yoga clothes should you have?

If you only work out a few or three times a week, you only need 2 sets to be ready for the workout. Especially when practicing Yoga in high temperature conditions, sweating, you should bring an extra set to change.

If you are a regular practitioner almost every day then you should have at least 4 yoga sets to change, you can check here.

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2. The Material of Yoga clothes

This is only our favorite and give it for example to choose. If you sweat a little, choose yoga clothes that are woven from cotton (cotton) and jute (well-ventilated, very soft) because they will not feel constrained. If you are a sweaty person, you should not choose cotton, choose sports polyester fibers because they help clothes dry quickly and do not cause discomfort when sweating as much as cotton.

Should choose products with high elasticity (mixed with spandex, elastic …), but still keep the right “position” when moving, preferring materials that absorb sweat. The stretchy and soft materials will make it easier for you to perform the more difficult yoga moves

The durability of the clothes also needs to be considered, because during yoga, you will do many stretches, bends, or even roll on the floor, so you need a soft but sturdy clothes.

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Should choose

  • Clothing is elastic so you can bend, move, and rotate with ease.
    Breathable, meshable fabrics — will help absorb sweat and keep you cool and dry.
  • Sleeveless or short sleeve shirt offers the flexibility of your arms and shoulders in yoga class.

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Should not choose:

  • Not wearing hard clothes like jeans, khaki, etc. will limit your movement.
    Clothing has many cumbersome and complex accessories.
  • Clothes that are too loose can help you feel comfortable, but keep in mind when practicing bow movements like Downward-Facing Dog that will cause you to blush when there are quite a few people in class.

3. Choose the right yoga style:

Types of yoga clothes: Bra, tank top, net shirt, shorts, leggings, leggings, sports panties, …

The clothes you choose need to meet the following criteria: Simple, comfortable and convenient. It is not advisable to choose costumes with many cumbersome decorations, trendy, elaborate, beaded, tied with bows, … to avoid getting entangled with people creating unnecessary damage.

Should choose a design with a moderate hug, not too tight, but not too wide for you to see the movements that you perform properly or not.

You should also not choose clothes that are too wide because it will make you inconvenient when exercising and the trainer will not see your posture is correct or not.

Do not wear loose-collared shirts without a sports bra inside, to avoid confusion and embarrassment when performing low crouches, flips …

a. How to choose a yoga shirt:

Yoga often wears a bra, you can combine it with a tank top or net shirt.

Practicing yoga or exercise you cannot use the usual bras. Specialized sports bras must be used, which help limit fluctuations and prevent the production of impulses to women’s breasts when performing exercises.

To avoid revealing your nipples or any other kind of revealing, choose a bra that fits and supports your body. If you have a large bust, a V-neck bra or a sports bra is the best option.

There are a few types of t-shirts with their own bras, but they are only somewhat supportive, in order to practice yoga effectively, it is necessary to wear a specialized sports bra.

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Tank top t-shirt:
A tank top t-shirt with a moderate hug that is not too tight will be suitable for all positions, because it not only makes it easy for you to practice yoga but also does not get bumped up and down. Check it out by wearing and try a few yoga moves before buying to make sure it really suits you.

b. Choosing yoga pants:

Sports shorts or shorts are a reasonable choice, in winter if the temperature is too cold, you can wear long pants. You can also choose mesh-length leggings to ensure coolness and ventilation during exercise.

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You should not choose pants that are too slippery so you can keep good balance on one leg. It is also important to note that the pants you choose are not too “show-off” while you practice, as that can make you confused and uncomfortable and confident.

4. About “Styles"

There are a lot of tips on sports fashion when practicing Yoga, but just wear what is best as possible. It will help you feel more confident while exercising.

Each person has their own fashion style, remember to choose comfortable and comfortable clothes (above criteria). However, a little bit of style and color should be consulted:

If you are a meditation practitioner, choose gentle clothing tones for better meditation. For the rest, wear whatever you feel like and comfortable the most.

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